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          Foshan Donghai Technology Co., Ltd


          Meet you at 2020 Indian Ceramics Asia

          Author:新之聯印度陶瓷展 Click: Time:2020-03-12 10:36:08 From:新之聯印度陶瓷展

          Foshan Donghai Technology Co., Ltd., as an enterprise which integrating R&D, production, marketing and service of ceramic automatic equipment, focus on ceramic feeding system for more than 20 years. Since the establishment, the multilevel and multifunctional requirements of users toward architectural ceramic automatic equipment were fulfilled  by the excellent R&D, professional comprehensive service and stable and reliable quality. Moreover, we have built a long-term friendly cooperating relationship with customers by providing good service .

          Sand stone, with silky & colorful pattern, is the newest design which imitated from Natural rhyolite, showing a wide variety of different styles through different processes.

          “DONGHAI TECHNOLOGY”, as a famous brand and the top one supplier of double charge feeders, we are enjoying a good reputation all over the world with high-end technology, various design and service team.

          “ROSSO LEVANTO” is based on Polo marble design, with natural cracking pattern and distinct hierarchy, visually displaying more stereoscopic.

          "Flake" is the design which innovated and aimed at the popular big slab in the market, can be made as full body and double charge, to achieve the effects as natural marbles.

          With mature technology, this system is easy for converting the production in a very short time. With abundant colors, and stable patterns, so that to meet diversified requirement of all customers.


          Foshan Donghai Technology Co., Ltd.


          Address. : Lvdao Building 3, Room 1003, No.133, Jihua Road, Chancheng, Foshan,Guangdong, China.


          General number0086-757-85330097