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          Foshan Donghai Technology Co., Ltd


          Thank You for Your Visiting to Donghai Technology in Uniceramic Expo 2021

          Author:佛山東海諾德科技有限公司 Click: Time:2021-07-28 09:38:47

          From July 20th to 24th, the 5 days Uniceramic Uniceramic Expo 2021 to a successful conclusion. As the largest professional ceramic exhibition in Asia, the first exhibition of big slabs, and the first exhibition of new ceramic materials, the exhibition will last for five days. , With an exhibition area of 120,000 square meters, a total of more than 400 companies from upstream and downstream of the ceramic industry chain participated in the exhibition, covering new air outlets, new materials, and deep processing of big slabs, ceramic equipment and The display of the whole industry chain such as accessories is a veritable indicator of the ceramic industry.


          As a brand enterprise with 20 years of professional fabric equipment, Donghai Technology of course take an active part in the Uniceramic Expo 2021 to participate in the grand event. At the exhibition, we complied with the demand of the domestic market and displayed our dry easy coloring system, big slab feeding system, full body marble feeder and dry applicator. At the same time, we also unveiled our strong export product-the new concept real marble feeder, and matching machines: iron remover and press take-off table.

          1. Dry Easy Coloring System

          2. Big Slab Feeding System

          3. Full Body Marble Feeder 


          Guangxi Oceano Ceramics Project

          4. Dry Applicator


          5. New Concept Real Marble Feeder


          6. Iron Remover


          7. Press  Take-off Table



          At the exhibition, donghai’s old and new friends gathered together to discuss development plans. On the first day of the exhibition, Donghai Technology has ushered in a good start. It has received strong support from Jiangxi Jinliyuan Ceramics Group and signed two full-body marble feeder on the spot!

          Jiangxi Jinliyuan Ceramics Group CEO and Donghai Team

          Donghai Technology, which has been deeply cultivating overseas markets for many years, has not only gained praise and recognition from many overseas customers, but since 2018, we have also actively participated in the development of the domestic market and spared no effort to provide domestic market customers with ceramic tile feeding system solutions and after-sales service. Although the global epidemic is raging in 2020, it still cannot stop the advancement of Donghai people. In 2021, Donghai Technology's domestic sales volume will grow against the trend!

          Donghai Technology once again thanks all new and old customers and friends for their trust and strong support. We will continue to do a good job of products, services, and ourselves to help the innovation and development of the ceramic industry!


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