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          Foshan Donghai Technology Co., Ltd


          Coagulate Heart Gather, Create Future Together 2022 Foshan Donghai Technology Co., LTD. Annual Meeting and Supplier Appreciation Dinner Ended Perfectly!

          Author:佛山東海諾德科技有限公司 Click: Time:2022-01-18 14:00:17

          In 2021, under the leadership of the company, 

          we made concerted efforts to move forward side by side 

          and achieved one gratifying achievement after another!


          In the future, we will always adhere to customer demand as the guide, 

          with the intention of serving customers as the goal, 

          continuous reform and innovation, stride forward.


          Looking back, we overcame all obstacles,

          Looking ahead, we are full of confidence.


          In 2022, we will embark on a new journey and start an even more brilliant year.


           General Manager Mr. Sammy s speech


                 The event began with the speech of Mr. Sammy, the general manager from Foshan Donghai Technology Co., LTD. Mr. Sammy expressed his gratitude to all the staff for their hard work in the past year, and extended their sincere New Year greetings and best wishes to everyone in advance!


               Mr. Sammy said that 2021 is a year for Donghai to explore and innovate and ride the wind and waves. In this year, Donghai developed steadily, the domestic and foreign market prospects are good, and the turnover is a new high. These achievements and gains are the result of our joint efforts. He hopes that in the future, we can continue to focus on customer needs, continue to innovate, provide customers with high quality products and services, and explore a broader space for development.


          Awarding Ceremony


                Looking back on 2021, success condensed with hard, soaked with sweat; Behind the honor and flowers, we cannot leave the growth stage and development space provided by the company. Every growth embodies the efforts of leaders and the sweat of employees.


          Mr. Zhan, director of technical department, issued Award for the Best Employees


          Mr. Chen issued Awards for Outstanding Cadres


          Mr. Sammy issued Award for Heroes in Harms Way


          Mr. He issued Award for Outstanding Contribution


          All the Staff Gathered Together to Celebrate With a Toast


                It's time for a big dinner party. Only when you're full can you yell and cheer. Leaders toast, thanks to all the staff of donghai family for accompanying the company, hope that the company's development is better and better, also wish everyone good health, good luck, and further progress in New Year.


          Lucky Draw


                The annual meeting without lucky draw is soulless. After dinner and wine, it's time for the exciting lucky draw. The whole annual meeting climaxes repeatedly and lively. Each precious prize is sent out, which represents the heart and wishes of Donghai company to all staff. There are many prizes, more surprise awards, waiting for you to take!


          Fourth Prize Gift: Chigo Health Pot


          Third Prize Gift: Tonze Electric Stew Pot


          Second Prize Gift: Joyoung Air fryer


          First Prize Gift: Huawei IPAD


          The most anticipated grand prize is here!

          The Grand Prize -- Huawei MATE40 Mobile Phone


          Congratulations to the lucky ones!


                With the song "Tomorrow will be Better", the annual meeting ended perfectly in the laughter of mutual blessing, thanks to all the colleagues who have made unremitting efforts for the development and growth of the company. Wish you all the best, good health and good luck in everything! In 2022, let us work together to create a brilliant future!

             All the way, thank you for your company!


          Foshan Donghai Technology Co., Ltd.


          Address. : Lvdao Building 3, Room 1003, No.133, Jihua Road, Chancheng, Foshan,Guangdong, China.


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