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          Foshan Donghai Technology Co., Ltd



          Author:佛山東海諾德科技有限公司 Click: Time:2022-11-29 15:09:41

          On Nov. 24th 2022, the 3rd International CERAMIC EXPO 2022 BANGLADESH was grandy opened at ICCB(International Convention City Bashundhara) in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

          At present, the whole ceramic industry in Bangladesh covers ceramic products such as Household porcelain, Architectural ceramics, Sanitary ware, Ceramic tiles and etc. As a high-quality ceramic producer with skilled manpower, low labor costs and ample supply of sulfur-free natural gas, Bangladesh is well positioned to become a strategic partner in the production and supply of ceramic products worldwide.

          Photos of CERAMIC EXPO 2022 BANGLADESH

          Foshan Donghai Technology Co., Ltd., its brand "DONGHAI TECHNOLOGY" which is a professional engaged in ceramic automation equipment, a new high-tech enterprise which specializes in R&D, production, marketing and after sales service. Since its establishment, we constant to provide customers with comprehensive quality and reliable pre-sales, sales and after-sales service, and established a long-term stable and friendly cooperative relationship with customer groups.

          Photos of DONGHAI Company Environment

          DONGHAI TECHNOLOGY has been exploring overseas markets for nearly ten years since 2013. Our overseas market radiates to India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

          During the development period, DONGHAI Company also actively participated in foreign ceramic exhibitions. Although the current global epidemic is still severe, meanwhile under the difficult conditions for the frequent problems such as high inflation, declining foreign exchange reserves, rising import costs, shortage of natural gas, reduced exports and currency devaluation in Bangladesh, we DONGHAI Team overcome the difficulties and catch this precious opportunity to attend the exhibition of CERAMIC EXPO 2022 BANGLADESH.

          Photos of DONGHAI Exhibitions

          DONGHAI TECHNOLOGY explored Bangladesh market in 2016. After hard work in recent years, Feeding system of Double Charge Polished Tiles are favored and recognized by the majority of customers, such as GREAT WALL, RAK, MEGHNA and other Bangladesh famous ceramic manufacturers are using our "Glass-type Conveying" feeding system.

          In this exhibition, DONGHAI TECHNOLOGY as a professional manufacturer of Ceramic Feeding System for more than 20 years, we not only displayed the 【Traditional Ceramic Feeding System】, but also launched our the latest R&D equipment this year—— 【Automatic Glaze Preparation System】 and 【Intelligent Powder-jet Feeding System】.

          Photos of DONGHAI Booth

          Photos of “DONGHAI Product” in the Exhibition

          DONGHAI TECHNOLOGY firmly believes that no pains, no gains, after deep exploration of overseas markets for many years, now we are the leader of Feeding System For Double Charge Polished Tiles in Bangladesh & India, and our market share has always ranked in the forefront. With the stable operation of the machinery, the variety of product designs and colors, and the excellent after-sales service are the important reasons for obtaining the consistent praise and high recognition of many customers.

          Part Photos of DONGHAI Booth

          When DONGHAI TECHNOLOGY was attending exhibition, three sets of Feeding System for Double Charge Polished Tiles were under commissioning and production in MEGHNA Group at the same time, we believe that one more polishing tiles manufacturers will be ready for market in near future.

          Photos of “DONGHAI Feeding System” in MEGHNA Factory

          Looking forward to the future, DONGHAI TECHNOLOGY will adhere to the concept of "Doing a good job in products, services and ourselves", to promote the development of ceramic industry progress!


          Foshan Donghai Technology Co., Ltd.


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